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Hello TEAA Family! Starting next week October 31st  we will resume  back to our normal business hours operation during the Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons from Monday - Thursday 11am - 8pm, and from Friday - Sunday 11am - 9pmYou can also find our business hours update on our  Yelp page and Google Page. Thank You for all for your support and Have a Happy TEAA time!

Hello TEAA Family! We’ve decided to implement a digital rewards system to make it easier for you, and for us. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Every dollar spent equals to 1 point and once you earn at least 50 points, you can redeem $5 off your purchase. Apply on Drinks only! Please present your stamp card to the cashier and provide us with your phone number.  We will manually convert the stamps into digital points by the end of the night. Stamp cards are no longer eligible for conversion after 8/28/2022

Once again, we thank you for being loyal customers and we look forward to serving you in the long run.

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