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frequently asked questions

Do We  Take Phone Orders?
Sorry, due to drink quality we're not taking orders through the phone at the moment. Only for catering and general question only.
Do We  offer Any Delivery Service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any delivery service at the moment due to the fact quality of the drink itself  would be reduced through via delivery services. Most likely, the drink will be watered down by the time you received the drink

What Kind Of  Sugar Do You use and Can You Modify The Sugar Level ?
We use 100% white liquid cane sugar imported from Taiwan and we can adjust all sugar levels.
Where Do We Get Our Teas?
All our teas are 100% import from Taiwan. We do not buy in the U.S and claim to buy from Taiwain
Do We Offer Catering?
Yes, we're now offer catering service and delivery to address. Any order over 20 drinks require to submit catering forms or contact us. Please visit our catering page for more infomations.
Do We have lactose Free drinks?
We do offer some lactose free options such as almond milk, soy milk and coconut milk. Please note our Cheese Foam is lactose and cannot be changed.
Where do you get your Sugarcane?
Our Sugarcane imported from Vietnam. 
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